Your clients need their Wills updated NOW!

Blog Post - Your Clients need their Wills updated!

This week we reach out to you with a sense of urgency, as Australia is experiencing the worst case of outbreaks since the commencement of the pandemic.

We are now seeing much higher levels of infection, more serious health issues associated with the virus and unfortunately new death notifications.

We all know that more than 70% of Australians do not have a current updated Will.

We also know that Wills alone DO NOT COVER enough of the Estate Planning process.

Over 50% of your clients are currently vulnerable.

And NOW is the time to help them.

If you are:

  • an Adviser,
  • run a Dealer Group,
  • an Accountant or
  • a Finance Specialist

and you DO NOT OFFER Estate Planning to your clients, then we need to chat NOW.

And we are not talking about outsourcing or referring your clients to solicitors.

We are talking about providing an Estate Planning service IN HOUSE, IN YOUR BUSINESS.

In less than 2 hours of YOUR TIME, we can have you and your team trained to deliver the most thorough Estate Planning process in Australia

In less than 2 hours of YOUR time per client, you can facilitate the state of the art process of having Wills and Estate Planning done the way it should be done:

  • Thoroughly
  • Efficiently
  • Timely
  • Cost-effectively
  • Profitably

In less than three to four weeks your clients can have an up to date Will PLUS with their intentions documented, reviewed and legally binding.

It’s quicker than waiting for your next vaccination visit!

And with all the stories we are hearing about in the Media at the moment, who wants to live a single day long without having the peace of mind that in the unfortunate event we become incapacitated or have an untimely passing, our intentions have not been laid out clearly for those closest and most dear to us.

We have enough stress in our lives right now without having to worry about our family fighting when we are not here.

If you want to:

  • make a difference to your clients
  • offer Estate Planning in house
  • secure an additional income stream for your business (easily and in volumes)


  • even if you want to update your own Will and Estate Plan, then we need to chat.

Watch our short demonstration to find out How to easily add an Estate Planning arm to your business, then call us URGENTLY to ensure your client’s final wishes and intentions are taken care of – BY YOU!

LGen is passionate about two things:

  1. Protecting people’s final wishes, and
  2. Helping you grow your business and profits.

AND in that order.


Don’t be the one saying ‘I wish I had…’

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


The future of Estate Planning is here.

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