Tools & Technology

The LGen Hub

Is our technology platform and the heart of our Estate Planning ecosystem.

The LGen Hub allows controlled tracking and monitoring for our trusted Advisers, clients, our legal panel and our Estate Plan specialists.

After years of research and planning, the Hub started development in 2018 and is constantly updated as we find more efficient ways of doing things and additional tools we want to add to the platform.

The HUB operates as a CRM, provides communication between parties, has information and collection tools required to run lean operations to facilitate estate plans being efficiently created, updated and maintained.

With Estate Management added to our services in 2022, we are increasing the breadth and range of the LGen Hub significantly.

The LGen Hub is 100% developed and maintained in Australia and is hosted in a secure data centre in Sydney, Australia.

Automation and Workflow

is the principle driver of the LGen systems and processes.

By enabling the majority of our workflow using automation to do tasks, when integrated with our personal connections and manual interventions when required, our solution drives our mission for every Australian having or being protected with an Estate Plan.

We add, review and refine our standard operating procedures (SOPs) weekly to generate new or improved workflows.

It is astounding how many Estate Plans and Estate Managements can be automated with efficiently designed workflows.

Our tools and processes have been an evolution in process since 2017 and are at the leading edge of this industry with our philosophy of catch and pass.

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