The LGen Team

Jonathan Elcombe

Digital Data Enthusiast

Jonathan is an avid technologist with a passion for technology-enabled productivity.

He is focused on designing smart information gathering, and process improvement services, that deliver valuable efficiencies for business.

Jonathan has been active within the disrupter space since 1990 when he started working on a decentralised processes platform for billing systems.

Using operational data, he was integral in developing track and trace systems for the express freight industry and created a unique approach to patient journey modelling for public and private hospitals.

Why LGen?

“Because everyone needs their intentions (and legacy), documented, secured and honoured”.

Maria Sison

Queen of Acquisition

Maria is not like the rest of us – She actually loves being on the phone!
Helping us grow the LGen adviser family, Maria is typically your first point of call when you meet us.

Maria has many years as a customer service specialist helping businesses grow their client base.
She is always polite and loves to help people.

So if you receive a call from our lovely Maria, please take her call and enjoy your conversation.

Why LGen?

“Because there are lots of Advisers who need our help!”

Ben Weeding

Investment Property Strategist and Buyers Advocate

Ben is a former Institutional Equities Trader at the highly regarded Investment Bank – JPMorgan. Despite his high-level exposure to the equity markets in Asia and around the world, Ben developed a keen interest in the Australian property market. Utilising his analytical skills, he went on to develop a substantial property portfolio through his own renovations and developments.

It was this success in the Australian property market that eventually led him away from his role as an equities trader to focus solely on developing his own portfolio and continue his passion for investment property strategy. He now shares his knowledge and expertise with other avid property investors and heads up the Property acquisition team at LGen…

Why LGen?

“Because everyone who has assets and is aiming to create family wealth needs a partner to realise their wealth and a partner to protect it.”

Deena Janes

Client Journey Specialist

Deena has been running an outsourced (Done For You) marketing and client communication service for mortgage brokers and financial planners since 2004.

Passionate about consumer education in the property and finance-related industries she is always “sitting in the shoes of your clients” when creating educational pieces for your customers’ journey.

Having a poor and lengthy experience in creating her own Estate Plan prior to having her son, Mackenzie, “it just made sense”, to join the LGen team to be part of a new movement of business and technology that will allow everyone affordable access to good quality education, service and execution of one’s final intentions…

Why LGen?

“It just made sense”

Red Metica

Makes Things Happen

Red’s extensive background in sales, social media and online marketing, backed with his technology capabilities, system improvement and Business Development skills, made Red the perfect choice to look after the LGen Hub, technology and communication platforms.

Red spends his days liaising, supporting and assisting everyone throughout the whole LGen business. Maintaining and improving systems for internal support Red manages the day to day internal support functions.

Strong in analysis and documentation, Red assists in developing plans, online user guides for team and advisers, and implements the marketing initiatives to achieve agreed targets…

Why LGen?

“LGen always feels like home.”

Jack Elcombe

Digital Diamond

Jack, a typical Gen Z who loves technology, has found a new interest in digital media and design. These interests have carried through to his work at LGen, where Jack looks after the social and digital media platforms.

Jack is the creator of our social media posts, looks after the website and is showing his experience and skills in digital media. He takes his work seriously and approaches his social media and website efforts with great care and delicacy.

In his time away from work, Jack spends his time studying a Bachelor of Architecture and Environments at the University and Sydney. While hard at work throughout the year, he is enhancing his skills and improving his digital media skills as part of his studies…

Why LGen?

“It’s the future”

Protecting your client’s legacy for subsequent generations is our priority.

Jonathan Elcombe


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