Ben Weeding

Investment Property Strategist and Buyers Advocate

Ben is a former Institutional Equities Trader at the highly regarded Investment Bank – JPMorgan. Despite his high-level exposure to the equity markets in Asia and around the world, Ben developed a keen interest in the Australian property market. Utilising his analytical skills, he went on to develop a substantial property portfolio through his own renovations and developments.

It was this success in the Australian property market that eventually led him away from his role as an equities trader to focus solely on developing his own portfolio and continue his passion for investment property strategy. He now shares his knowledge and expertise with other avid property investors and heads up the Property acquisition team at LGen.

Through his years of industry experience as a buyer’s agent, Ben has helped purchase hundreds of properties for his clients, specialising in the Sydney metropolitan market. He is passionate about educating property buyers on the best strategies to use to build a strong property portfolio. Ben holds regular events (live and online) to keep his clients educated on current market activity and new opportunities.

Why LGen?

“Because everyone who has assets and is aiming to create family wealth needs a partner to realise their wealth and a partner to protect it.”.

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