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Why are we doing Estate Planning differently? Is there anything wrong with the current ways Estate Planning is done? Yes, for those of us that get our Estate Plan up to date and have a relatively pleasant experience, it’s fine. But for those that start it and for those that just don’t do it, it’s not ok. Hence why we are building LGen to be able to deliver Estate Planning for everyone, it’s not something that will be done in a week or a year, the numbers are just too vast, over 80% of us, that is 15,792,110 have not found the right way to get our Estate Plan up to date. The adage from the English playwright John Heywood “Rome was not built in a day” is pretty common and excepted, in one of James Clear’s blogs posts he added “but they were laying bricks every hour” which resonates well with our _Why_ for LGen taking on the challenge of having an up to date Estate Plan for everyone. In James’ blog post he highlights the fact _Bricks_ are the system for building Rome and that the system is bigger than the goal and for us, it’s about putting systems in place to allow Estate Plans to be created every hour.

Creating systems, is the aspect that floats my boat and it’s a skill I’ve been developing ever since I started working for a printer in Adelaide back in the 1970s, Ken Scott from the Shovel and Bull Printers started it all off for me, it was a manual process for heat embossing, which makes the ink shiny and raised, just that little bit fancy, much liked by lawyers! Ken had built a wire mesh conveyor that ran under a series of bar heaters, think of a sideways toaster. In the beginning, we could only heat emboss business cards of a certain thickness and certain inks, but over time we keep improving the systems involved in the process and we could expand the range and type of cards we could emboss, anyway before I digress too far, this started my natural curiosity for tinkering systems, well knowing that different outcomes are always possible, which lead into my career in logistics and business process automation.

Now back to Estate Planning, when I look into the different systems that are used to create an Estate Plan; facilitation, information discovery, and gathering, process flow, legal advice, legal documents …. these are all systems that can be improved upon and linked and it’s these that we have been building out in the last 2 years with our LGen Hub, the technology platform behind LGen and our Estate Plan Facilitation processes, in a combination similar to how computer chips have improved over the years by improving hardware and software we have been continuously improving the LGen Hub, how Estate Plan Facilitators utilise the Hub and the ways we can improve the facilitation process making it simpler and a more pleasant experience for both the facilitator and client.

Earlier this month our latest release has added additional support tools for the facilitator; User Guides and support ticketing. A more comprehensive way of linking relationships and improved features for tracking the exact phase an Estate Plan is at.

If you are interested in offering Estate Planning to your client base as an accountant or financial planner, please book a demonstration here.

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