7 top things to consider before making a Will!

September 7, 2021by Jonathan Elcombe0
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We know your clients keep putting off doing their Wills and Estate Planning.

In fact, over 85% of Aussies either DO NOT have:

  • A Will in place, OR
  • A current Will place.

I know that I sound like a broken record here, and we can all sit in our procrastination seat forever, however, we both know that:

  • You want your client to have a current and updated Will,
  • You know, as their trusted adviser, that you are ideally placed to put things into motion.

Now has never been a better time to get your intentions in order.

So here are our top SEVEN things for your clients to consider before making a Will.

Once that’s done, let’s have a chat about how the LGen Estate Planning system will:

  • Help your clients take action to update their Wills and Estate Plan,
  • Help you add another income stream to your business with our easy to implement Estate Planning technology, marketing tools and client workflow processes that adds little impact to the time and resources of your business but they can add massive impact to your bottom line.
Here They Are:
  1. Touch base with your Advisor to allow them to help you with the WIll and Estate Planning process
  2. Choose your Will Executor.
  3. Choose guardians for your minor children: 1 Financial Guardian and 1 Parental Guardian.
  4. Review your current overall wealth. Is it enough, do you need insurances to assist with any shortfall?
  5. Decide who you want to receive your assets, including any Gifts and Special requests.
  6. Start thinking about the different scenarios that could occur or will occur when your Will is administered
  7. Relationship Breakdowns, take this seriously

Kind regards


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