3 Reasons why Australians avoid making Wills

August 5, 2021by Jonathan Elcombe0
Why Australains Avoid making Wills SM Post-01

Find out how to convince your clients that they need to create a Will and Estate Plan – and you both win!

If you are encouraging your clients to make a Will or an Estate Plan, how often have you heard these avoidance statements (aka excuses)?

“I don’t have any valuable assets.”

“I’m too young to make a will.”

“I can’t afford it.”

Let’s look at the reality of these excuses and the subsequent concern for maybe up to 50% or more of your clients. Then we will chat about how your Financial Planning Practice can offer a Will and Estate Planning Service with little setup costs, not a lot of time, AND a great revenue stream to boot!

1. I don’t have any valuable assets

Most Australians are asked to organise their wills around the time they purchase their first home. Considering most Aussies, on average, are 36 years old(i)when they finally put their foot on the property ladder, it would be hard to be convinced that someone at the age of 36 and looking to buy a home would not have any valuable assets.

Assets include cash, property, shares, superannuation, cars, vehicles, furniture etc.

“Smart Investing” recently crunched the numbers as best they could and came up with the following asset averages for Aussies at various ages(ii):

20 – $15,000

30 – $80,000

40 – $249,000

50 – $378,373

60 – $564,558

So for the average person over 20, it would appear there is something of value to leave behind to your loved ones.

2. I’m too young to make a will.

See answer to 1.

3. I can’t afford it.

This may be due to the lack of knowledge and understanding about how much a Will and Estate Plan actually cost. And sure, the more complicated your situation, the more expensive this may be. However, as you are in the financial planning sector, we all know that providing clear and legal directions after your passing is certainly a major consideration for your financial planning clients.

So how can the LGen system help you and your clients?

White labelled for your clients with your branding:

  1. LGen has developed leading-edge technology to create comprehensive Wills and Estate Plans that protect your clients’ legacy.
  2. The LGen platform is the engine that integrates all the services required to deliver a wealth preservation plan efficiently and cost-effectively.
  3. Our workflow integration with affiliate partners and the LGen professional networks will connect you to qualified professionals where we facilitate an Estate Plan for your clients without the effort of your business having to do the complex and time-consuming process.

What do you have to do as their Trusted Adviser?


  • Discover your client’s risk profile
  • Advise the consequences of not having a Will and Estate Plan


  • Provides and follows the Estate Planning workflow
  • Provides proactive Estate Planning advice to your client
  • Complies with ASIC RG 175 and Best Interest Duty and Know Your Client Rule
  • Generates NEW customers from the platform via subtle and professional marketing


  • Increase your revenue stream from $500 to $3,500 per client per week!
  • Generate more income from qualified referrals


There is at least $85,000 just sitting there waiting for you to extract for every hundred clients who use your services.

Partner with us today to create comprehensive and cost-effective Estate Plans for your clients.

For a chat and a 20 minute, no-obligation, ZOOM exploration session, click here to find the time in our diaries to show you what we can do to help your business and help your clients.

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