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In wealth management services today Estate Planning and creating comprehensive Estate Plans has been an afterthought. Everyone knows they should offer an Estate Plan as this is tied to a family's assets and should be put together by a professional but all too often it falls in the too hard basket. As a result less than 2% of families have a comprehensive Estate Plan and less than 30% have a Will.

Now is the time for change. Your clients' wealth, you have assisted in building and protecting, requires a comprehensive Estate Plan for the long term. LGen has developed a suite of services to partner with you in offering Estate Planning.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions you need to call us today!

  • Do you have Estate Planning as a service but only take the easy cases?
  • Do you offer Estate Planning but hand the client over to someone else and lose control?
  • Do you feel you would like to offer Estate Planning but do not have the qualifications or systems to provide a high enough standard?
  • Would you like to provide Estate Planning services but don't know what is required?

LGen makes it possible to get professional Estate Planning done affordably. If you have questions about  the LGen Platform and or Estate Planning we would be glad to help.

Family wealth protection for the next generation

Estate Planning the LGen Way!

LGen has developed a unique way of profiling your client’s risk, needs and objectives which branch out into all our core service offerings. Your client’s family or business assets will be protected in more ways than before. 

The LGEN WAY for creating Estate Plans ensures your client’s family is fully protected for the long-term creating a legacy that will be passed on and appreciated for future generations.

Estate Planning for young families

Innovative Approach

LGen makes it possible to get professional Estate Plans done affordably. LGen brings together technology and expertise in Estate Planning to enable professional advisors to provide Estate Planning services affordably to their clients.

The LGen Platform places the experienced professional expert in your own back office. This gives all Corporate clients the ability to diversify their own core service offerings by blending it in with LGen's Estate Planning Platform.





The LGEN estate planning solution

The LGen platform is the engine which integrates all the services required to deliver a wealth preservation plan in an efficient and cost effective manner. 

The platform is designed:

  • to provide your business with seamless integration of your core services together with other wealth protection strategies. 
  • integrate your core business with a workflow platform that enables multiple corporate partners to link their services into a single service delivery platform. 
  • facilitate the creation of a robust and customer centric wealth protection plan in an efficiently and cost effectively.

Given the scale of our workflow integration with affiliate partners and the LGen professional network you will have:

  • direct access to valuable connections who will provide your client with a wealth preservation plan
  • full business support to coordinate this complex and often time consuming process.





LGen has developed an estate planning and business advisory workflow platform. You can now offer comprehensive Estate Plans the LGEN WAY.

Benefits for the Corporate partner:

  • integrate all the services required to deliver a wealth preservation plan in an efficient and cost effective manner  
  • places the experienced professional expert in your own back office, either Legal, Business Advisory or other specialists services
  • no experience, knowledge and minimal time is required which allows your business to focus fully on your own core competencies by accessing the  LGen way of generating new revenue and increasing capital value of your business
  • profile your client’s risk, needs and objectives which branch out into all our core service offerings
  • delivery to your client is simple and easy as the platform facilitates the entire end to end process on your behalf

Additional Services we offer

Business Advisory Services

LGen can help facilitate a range of business advisory services to create new revenue streams for your business and extend the services you currently provide to your clients. By working with LGen’s panel of specialists your SME or private clients can be profiled for services that will be of benefit.
We are pleased to offer the following business advisory services:

  • Business and strategic plan facilitation and implementation (growth and expansion, including capital raising)
  • Profit analysis and cash flow forecasts
  • Capital expenditure review 
  • Succession planning and business exit strategy development 
  • Estate Planning for business / SME owners
  • Business asset strategy review 
  • Corporate restructure planning
  • Mergers and acquisitions analysis and planning
  • Taxation disputes advice 
  • Debt and Equity restructuring proposals   
  • Legal services for business 
  • Expatriate tax and legal advice for individuals and corporations 
  • Terms of Trade advice 
  • Debt collection services  
  • Insolvency services (cash flow advice as well as direct insolvency services such as administration/liquidation)
  • Business loan documentation facilitation
  • Business and personal/other loan documentation 

If you would like more information on any of these services, please contact us for more details on how we can help your business grow.

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